Welcome to The Lezbrarian– your source for information and opinions (mainly my own) about what is going on in the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual & Transgender) community, as well as the field of Library and Information Science upon which I’m currently embarking. I start my MA program in LIS next week and I could not be more excited!

Firstly- you may be thinking, “but what is library science anyway? Do you just learn how to work the completely obsolete card catalog or what?” Excellent question my excellent reader!

Library and Information Science covers a wide range of topics from traditional public libraries, academic libraries and special libraries, to basically anything that has to do with funneling information to the right people. Ever worked on a research paper and used an article you accessed online? When you typed “gender identity + dropout rates” into a search engine and came up with a bunch of articles- thank that librarians who identified what relates to that search and what doesn’t.

Librarians work for Law Offices, Governmental Departments, Non profits and Special Interest groups, as well as being the friendly people who will help you inter-library loan that book on Matthew Shepard that your rural high school doesn’t have. If you want to know something- Librarians are the people to ask!

Now I don’t know everything… in fact hardly anything, but the first step of learning is to know what you don’t know. As I learn and know things, I will share them here, as well as links to articles and information that is cool. Because that’s sort of what I hope to be doing with the rest of my life.

In addition I’ll be discussing Queer issues. Gay Marriage isn’t the only one folks, though it is very important. I live in Iowa and so am one of the lucky few who is able to marry the woman of my dreams… you know… one day when she shows up in my life. There are many issues that face the queer community today ranging from schools, to home life, to rights and governmental issues. It’ll be available for reading here.

So stay tuned!


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