B Sides

I got some fantastic news today! I found out that I was selected to be one of two Associate Editors for BSIDES. B Sides is an open access, peer reviewed journal that publishes student and faculty work from The University of Iowa School of Library Science.  Myself and a classmate will serve as associate editors this year, learning and working with the current two editors and then will take over as the editors next year, bringing on two new associate editors. I’m very excited about this opportunity to work both with open access publishing and with electronic publishing, especially as I’m leaning more and more toward the digital side of LIS.

I’ve started my journey into the digital world with a bit of a bang. Working in the U of Iowa Digital Library Services I’ve started to learn what LIS type people do in the Digital work of a university. My first project has been to archive the schedules and information from the Shambaugh conferencesheld in the Political Science department yearly. This week I got to work on a project digitizing a book from the Special Collections that will become an Amazon book to print (or something like that) when it grows up. I used Photoshop for the first time, started to learn my way around Acrobat Pro (which is AWESOME by the way! It can OCR PDF files so that even those scanned book chapters that are assigned can be highlighted and commented on in the program itself… I have officially gone 100% digital in my coursework), and started to learn formulas in Excel that are more advanced than “=A1+B1”.

I think that it’s been helpful to do all this as I’m taking my Computing Foundations Course. Learning some baby HTML has already proved helpful in my work, and in my blog! I’m looking forward to gaining better web skills, maybe getting the the point where I can design web pages, or at least feel more comfortable with more advanced tasks. I’ve already built a web page using HTML from scratch (and if you haven’t looked at Sarah’s Homepage yet, you should do that now) and am working on improving my mad skills. It is challenging, but fun!
Three cheers for Library School!

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