Victory for one is a Victory for All

Library school..

…is very different than music school. Holy. Cow. In so many ways, but the aspect that struck me most strongly this week was the atmosphere of support. I found out yesterday that I was offered a Library Internship
at Interlochen Summer Arts Camp. And I am SO EXCITED!!



Now in the music schools I went to, (because there were two of them) when something good happened for a person in the department, everyone else reacted as if there had been a competition that they had lost. Bitchiness would ensue. Words were said behind backs. If I ever got something cool, like making it to semi-finals at a competition, I could count on all the others talking sh*& about me for at least a week. How I didn’t deserve it. How much of a diva I was acting like. Mean Mean things.

This is NOT FUN.

And if I didn’t get something, like… say… not even being cast in the chorus for the opera my senior year of college… I could count on all the others talking about what a total loser I was because clearly I couldn’t sing worth crap and should probably get my mouth surgically stitched shut. It was the definition of a LOSE/LOSE situation.


But, back to Library School. So I had my super awesome interview, in which I totally clicked with the library director (I felt anyway), and hung up the phone totally pumped about the internship. A short while later, that same day, I got an email officially offering me the job. And after doing a happy dance in my room and posting it twitter, I put on my coat, shouldered my backpack and headed off to library school. I stood in the hall with a few friends/library school peers and after chatting for about 20 minutes I could no longer contain my excitement and burst out with my super-fab-news and was immediately asked, “Why didn’t you say anything earlier?! And when are we going out to celebrate!”


It seems like such a small thing, but I can’t tell you how great it was to be met with this kind of support and excitement from my peers, and how awesome it is to be  equally as excited for another peer who got an internship in teen services at the local public library. The feeling among everyone is that a victory for one of us is a victory for all of us. And that. Feels. AWESOME!!

So I’ll be spending my summer wearing powder blue tops and navy blue pants (the knickers are optional—think I’m kidding? Nope. It’s a time honored tradition at Interlochen) and working with kids ages 8-18 who are there for an intensive 6 weeks of study of the fine art discipline of their choice. I’ll do a lot of the day to day circulation stuff, but will also get to work on a project/s that will help me learn and grow as a future music/arts librarian.

And just as an added grace note to my week, in class this morning we discussed Foucault and I was actually understanding what we were discussing.

super smart

I feel smart. And Capable. And AWESOME!




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