30 things EVERYONE should do before turning 30

So, I don’t know if any of you have seen that “Turning 30: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know” article at Huffington post?? I did, and I thought it was mostly total crap. It assumed that every woman is heterosexual and obsessed with body image and material things. So I am taking a break from reading and writing about Women’s Studies for a paper (more on that after finals) to make my own list. Not just for women, but people in general.

By 30 you should have:

  1. Pictures you’re ready to take off Facebook
  2. A good pair of workout shoes/your own yoga mat (or something of the like)
  3. A piece of clothing you’ve had ‘forever’
  4. A informed opinion about controversial issues and the ability to actually listen and calmly discuss them with those that disagree with you
  5. A toolbox containing more than just a screwdriver
  6. Attended an Opera, Shakespeare play, Rock concert, and Art exhibit
  7. A voter registration card
  8. A savings account of some kind
  9. A piece of clothing that helps you feel awesome
  10. One friend who always makes you laugh and one who lets you cry *
  11. A hardbound  copy of your favorite book
  12. A bed larger than a twin size
  13. A high quality skillet, pot and set of knives
  14. Visited a foreign country without a chaperone
  15. Had your heart broken so you know that life goes on
*this one is from the Huffington article and is the only one I thought worth repeating

By 30 you should know:

  1. How to change your own oil and tire and jumpstart a car
  2. How to file your own taxes
  3. How to not get ripped off by a salesperson
  4. What you need from a friend and what is a friendship dealbreaker
  5. How to walk away from a relationship (romantic or otherwise) that is toxic
  6. Gender identity, sexual orientation, qualities and quirks you want from a romantic partner/If you want a romantic partner*
  7. That life doesn’t always work out the way you planned, that opinions change and that friends move on
  8. How to fix basic computer problems
  9. When the American and French Revolutionary, Civil, First and Second World, Korean, Vietnam and Gulf Wars took place within 20 years.
  10. The names of your local legislators, the three branches of government, how a bill becomes a law, and the differences between their, they’re, & there, its & it’s, and your & you’re.
  11. Your preferred brand of beer, wine and hard liquor
  12. How you react to stressful situations and steps you can/should take to cope
  13. A juicy piece of family history gossip and/or awesome story of your ancestors
  14. How to cook all the components of a Thanksgiving dinner
  15. That Alike and Equal are not the Same Thing**

*hint this only happens after a long, hard, honest think about yourself
**Thanks Madeline L’Engle and Meg Murray for this statement

[update] I’m cheating and adding another one–

31. Move to a whole other part of the country (or another country entirely) to a place where you will be surrounded by people who are very different from you because it will change the way you see the world and make you a better person.


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