Tales from the Music Library…..

1)  Today a woman came into the music library when I was working. She spent 2 minutes asking me to look up a score for her…

okay, I have to pause here and mention how obnoxious I find it when people who frequent the music library come in and have not even bothered to look for an item. They know how to use the system– I know because I’ve asked them– but they don’t, they just come in and ask me to do it for them. I am happy to help people. I am happy to look things up…. but when people are just too lazy to even do a preliminary look see on the interwebz.

…so, anyway, she spent 2 minutes asking me to look up a score for her


It takes a lot, and I mean A LOT to make me uncomfortable, but this managed to do the trick.
She rambled on and on about how she and her husband are getting divorced but staying in the same house for their son and continue to raise him together and that they were going to get divorced after he graduated anyway and how they were living in the same house but dating other people– not at the house, the house had been designated a ‘date free zone’ but other places– and were having sex with these other people they were dating but not with each other and not like they’d had sex with each other for years anyway and their son was adjusting really well because it’s not like his life had changed much…..
and on
and on
and ON

and I’m standing there feeling TOTALLY AWKWARD and just wanting her to give me her id so I can give her the score and END THE AWKWARDNESS!!!

2)  This also happened to me today…
Patron: I have a book here.
Me: Do you have it reserved?
Patron: No, I have a book here.
Me: Okay… did you recall it?
Patron: Yeah. I have a book here.
Me: Okay, what is your last name?
Patron: {last name}
Me: Well, we don’t have a book here on the hold shelf for you, did you get a confirmation email?
Patron: What? I’m telling you I have a book here!
Me: Let me look in the computer and see if maybe they sent it somewhere else by accident.
Patron: Ugh. Fine. I’m in a hurry though.
Me: Well, it says your recall request is still being processed.
Patron: What does that mean? *angry look*
Me: It means that the person who had it before hasn’t turned it back in yet.
Patron: But I need it!
Me: Well, you recalled it late last night and so the patron who has it has a few days before they have to turn it back in.
Patron: But I effing need it!!!
Me: I’m sorry. When it comes in you’ll get an email letting you know that you can come pick it up.
Patron: BUT I @&%$ing NEED IT NOW!
Me: I’m sorry. Have you looked at getting it from another source?
Patron: Look, I have a paper due tonight and I need this book to finish writing it.
Me: I can help you look for other resources if you’d like.
Patron: $%&@ THIS! $&%@ING STUPID LIBRARY! NEVER HAVE ANY SH!T WHEN I NEED IT! THIS IS BULL&$%@! *storms off angrily*
Me: Have a nice day.


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