More Tales from the Music Library

I’m going to make this a series.

Also, I should be writing a paper, but I’m taking a break for a super happy story.

The Music Library in which I work recently got a donation of several big boxes of piano music from an older woman whose sister had recently passed away. My boss went through the music and we weeded out things we already had copies of or things we wanted to keep for the archives but not actually put out onto the shelves…

(case and point…


"A plain girl looks pretty and a pretty girl looks prettier!" ... excuse me while I vomit.



Not Okay! Not Okay! NOT OKAY!!!!

… ahhh!! )


So anyway, the stuff we can’t put out went in a To-Deal-With-Later box in the back, and the rest of the music we had no use for went into a big box for anyone to take anything they wanted. So today a faculty member came in to check out some stuff and on her way out stopped to rummage through the box of free music. She found a piece of music composed by her GREAT-GREAT GRANDFATHER that she had been looking for a copy of for YEARS!!!! How cool is that?!


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