Interlochen Internship: Week one

Hey Y’all! Did you miss me?! I know you did. Don’t worry, though, because I’m back now.

Super Exciting!!

So this week I started my internship at Interlochen Summer Arts Camp.The camp has been happening for 85 summers, and for the last 50 years there has been a year round performing arts boarding school there. Loads of famous people have gone there, and the camp is some pretty serious business. You should go read some stuff about it because it’s pretty awesome.
Go ahead…I’ll wait

*reads “Dune” while waiting*

Impressed? I thought you would be.

Where was I? Oh yes… Best Summer Job Ever. As I type this, I am listening to the music of the Martina McBride concert float in through my open window, and after I’m done I’ll probably wander down to the beach and read and listen while I enjoy the sunset over the lake.




Just sayin.

So, my job.
I’m working in the main academic library for the summer. Part of my job is day to day circulation stuff– checking in and out. We also take books out to the Junior kids (3rd -5th grade) cabins so they can check out stuff, and create some programs — movie night and whatnot– to help with the creating of fun since the kids can get really stressed. The other part of my job is to work on some larger projects. I’ll be cataloging some Visual Arts books that have been donated, working on a Pathfinder for the website, and helping weed out some of the outdated books.

Great methods work even when the other person sees them coming

Thursday we closed the library early and ALL the Library interns (academic library, archives, music reference, & ensemble library interns) went for some team building/bonding time at the ropes course. In one activity we had to get our whole group one at a time to swing  on the rope from one side to the other one at a time. The thing about good methods is that they work even when you know exactly what the activities are supposed to do. As a teacher, I saw this theory coming a mile away. In this kind of group activity you have to work together to problem solve. You have to break personal barriers because you have to physically touch each other (help push to swing, help catch to land in the right place) to accomplish the task which breaks down mental barriers too. Accomplishing a task together requires you to cheer each other on, laugh together and gives you a common, shared experience to talk about. Even when you know the purpose for every element of the activity– it still works. (also, Team Awesome dominated that thing!!)

Team Awesome!!

The other main activity on the ropes course was to navigate across a high cable, switching with your partner halfway across. So this one is about overcoming fear and providing support for your teammates by cheering them on and being supportive to your climbing partner. And again, it works. I was pretty pumped for this. I don’t think of myself as having trouble with heights, but it was REALLY HIGH and I had a few moments of unease. The worst part was climbing from the ladder the rest of the way to the high cable. That was scary, being up at the cable wasn’t bad at all. I couldn’t believe how much arm strength it took. My arms hurt like crazy the next day. But I did it and it was REALLY FUN!!

Going over Commands
Getting onto the Wire

Hey, remember that time that I crossed a high wire?

Up really High
Inching across


Coming Down
This is my Super Sexy Pose

Then my supervisor had all the library staff and all the interns over to her house for a cookout. We ate brats and delicious Traverse City Pie and roasted S’mores and generally enjoyed ourselves. Which brings me to one of the many things I like about this place.

Mutual Respect and Fun

My supervisor doesn’t order us around or stick us with meaningless menial labor, she is eager to share her knowledge and went out of her way to give us projects to work on that appeal to our interests and develop important skills. I am sure not all internship experiences can say the same. The people here love what they do. They love this camp and they take work very seriously. But they also have a lot of fun. Everyone respects everyone– no matter what position they work. I had a lot of laughs about the uniform here (powder blue shirts tucked into navy blue bottoms, w/ optional red sweaters) but I really do think that it is kind of cool that every single person whether a camper, staffer or faculty wears the same thing. For these few weeks we are all in this together.

*Snatches all the books*

The local public library had a big book sale today, so a few of us walked down to check it out. And because I’m a librarian and I can’t pass by books without buying them… I bought some.

mostly new books (some came with me)

I’m a lot busier social-wise than I thought I’d be, so I’m not sure how much reading I’ll get done, but one great thing about library internships is that we all understand when someone says, “No thanks, I’m going to go read for a while.”

I’ll start talking more about my library projects and whatnot as the weeks go on, but this week was all about getting to know new software and procedures and getting to know my colleagues.

Apparently there is a “Festival Choir” for staff and community members who want to do some singin’ this summer. We will be performing Vaughn Williams “Dona Nobis” (which I LOVE!!) and then for the very last concert of the summer we’ll be combining with the HS choir and the HS orchestra and HS wind ensemble to perform the last movement from Beethoven’s 9th symphony. I’m looking forward to doing some singing in the coming weeks.

Preparation Week=Success

The kids arrive tomorrow morning, so stay tuned!!


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