What I learned this week in Lib School

Things I learned through the teaching presentations in my Literacy and Learning Class:

  • Some databases will let you “check for variant spelling” to search old tyme spelling of keywords in searches
  • Tips for reading out loud to children
  • Librarians are friendly
  • Easy steps for evaluating sources
  • ~keyword returns pages with both the keyword and synonyms of the keyword!!
  • How to make “diet bread” (kind of) via a 150 year old recipe book
  • there are conflicting primary accounts of the conversation between Heisenberg and Bohr
  • Kanye West is pro marriage equality
  • how to read comic books for the whole family
  • how PubMEd can be useful
  • Steps to open a Gmail account
  • a little bit about blogger

and, most importantly I think,


It was very interesting to see several peers approach the same topic very different ways, and to see what we all came up with to teach the class for 15 minutes. You could definitely see our personalities shining through!


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