In which I’m proud about a post and irate about a cover

First- I wrote a thing!
I wrote a guest post for Hack Library School called “Too Gay or Not Too Gay? That is the Question”
It’s about my struggle to balance my personal queer-dentity and my professional persona. Everyone put on your surprised face.

I’m very proud of it, and I’ve gotten some great responses and support, so head over there (but then come back… wait.. come back!) and read it. Also read some of the other great posts by library school peeps around the country.

And if you are interested, here is more on the argument I referenced in the post that had with a co-worker when I was working at Interlochen this summer.


I was alllllllll set to praise the musical The Book of Mormon today, but that will have to wait.
Because as I was scrolling through the interwebz I found this:

(image from



no no no no no no no no no no noooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Anne has red hair. Her hair is Red. This detail is mentioned approximately 8243749857 times* in the first book. It’s why Gilbert calls her “Carrots” and she smashes a slate over his head and thus begins the rivalry which becomes a romance which is SORT OF THE MAIN PLOT OF THE STORY.

Now I’m not a complete stickler for details. When characters in movies look slightly different than they are described for the sake of getting the right actor, I’m game. Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Coulter even though she has blonde hair and Pullman specifically describes her as having black hair? Fine. Harry having blue eyes instead of green? No problem. But ANNE HAS RED HAIR!!!!! And this isn’t a movie it’s a book cover. I know there are red headed girls in the world that could have posed for it. I mean, I know it.

I’m not even going to go into the provocative pose, when Anne is supposed to be kind of awkward. I’m not even going to talk about that, because I can’t get past the hair.

Only 2%-4% of people have naturally red hair, according to the interwebs. As one I spent my childhood being called Carrots, Strawberry Shortcake, Red, and all the other nicknames you can imagine. I grew up to love my red hair, as Anne does, but when I was an awkward kid it was comforting to know that Anne Shirley knew how I felt. When I came across this cover I curled in a ball on the floor and rocked back and forth moaning, “Why amazon? why? Why?”**

It is evidence of the people I am connected to on social media since the release of this cover basically blew up my internet. Let me make a comparison.
My awareness of the blackout at the superbowl: 3 days later– there was a blackout? the superbowl happened already?
My awareness of this travesty against humanity of a cover: 3 seconds after it was blogged about – ‘you have 1,285*’ notifications’

So this goes on my list of things that ruined my childhood alongside Pluto being not a planet, Triceratops being not a dinosaur, and the decline of saturday morning cartoons.

*note: some statistics may be inaccurate
**note: some descriptions may be exaggerated

One thought on “In which I’m proud about a post and irate about a cover

  1. I had a similar reaction. There have been soooo many covers for books in the series — I’m most familiar with this set from Bantam ( — but this is just ridiculous. It’s possibly even worse than not knowing Rue was black (’cause the producers/director DID know, and cast her appropriately, and also because she was a supporting character).

    Also, I missed the Triceratops news in 2010. Wow.

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