HLS Day in the Life Day 4

Holy Crap! I have never blogged four days in a row in my life. Ever.


I’m currently doing a practicum at a local public library working with the teen service’s librarian. When I look forward to having a real grown up library job in a few months *hopefully* I see two roads diverging in a yellow wood. And I, I will take whichever one hires me first. Actually it’s more like three roads. But, that doesn’t match the incredibly over quoted quote thing.

Option 1: Music librarian. This would be like wonderful super fantastic coolness remarkable. But I’m not holding my breath because of the ratio of entry level music library jobs to people applying to those jobs. I’ll go after them, but I’m not holding my breath. But eventually. Hopefully. Maybe.

Option 2: Undergraduate Outreach or some such like. I find that more of the undergrad outreach and information commons type jobs are entry level. Possibly this is because they want funky young people to fill them and relate to those pesky undergraduates. In any case, I like this sort of outreach work and am a big fan of the information commons concept. So, I’m applying for these as well.

Option 3: Teen librarian. I like kids. Not little ones, only the big ones. I like middle schoolers and teens. And they seem to like me.. I mean… at least… I think so. Working with teens is one of the few constants in my professional life. (I used to teach middle and high school– long story) Add this to my ridiculous love of YA lit and enormous nerdy nature and I think I’ll make a pretty awesome teen librarian. I’m especially passionate about serving the LGBTQ youth community. Because I sure wish there had been a fun lesbian librarian around to help me out when I was a teen. *sighs wistfully*

So, practicum. I haven’t worked much in public libraries. I’ve worked A LOT with youth, but not much in public libraries, so I’m excited to see how all the things work. I’ve asked to sort of do a bit of everything. I’ll be helping a lot with the summer reading program, getting the events lined up and working with the TAB (did we have those when I was in high school? Was I oblivious?) to plan everything. Its the kind of practical experience you can’t learn in a classroom. Pretty pumped. Today I got put in charge of the interactive display. I’ll be making a display that is.. well.. in some way interactive. But passively interactive so the kids can do it whenever or not at all. I think we’re going to do something with the United States of YA. So I’m letting those ideas roll around in my head.

For most of today I was making bookmarks. I made bookmarks with the Iowa Teen Awards and the High School Book Awards and summaries. Several things happend: 1) I added about 20 new books to my “must read” list 2) I noticed a large number of these involved twins 3) I remembered how much I like fonts. So that was fun. It also gave me a lot of thoughts about awards for books.

On the one hand, there is the Mark Twain quote, “’Classic’ – a book which people praise and don’t read,” which is very true. I can appreciate Dickens for his impact in the literary world, but I find his books boring and don’t choose to read them. And who defines what is “high literary value” anyway? Who sets that standard—over educated, cis, straight, white men? Should we really be awarding stuffy overly pretentious books that no “real people” actually read?

“It’s a Book” by Lane Smith


On the other hand, I have concerns about the lack of value our society places on education and knowledge. I worry about the circles in which too much knowledge means you’re ‘snobby’ or ‘too good for the rest of us.’ So I think we should reward books that stretch our minds, make us grapple with words and concepts. I think we should reward books that go beyond pop culture.




These are the things I think about while I’m copying and pasting and playing with fonts.


I also started working on an “Edgy Titles” bookmark that I GET TO PUT TOGETHER ALL BY MYSELF!!! No really, I am that excited. For lots of reasons. I love edgy, dark, controversial  out there books. I love making things look pretty. And I love that this library and this librarian want to advertise some of the more edgy titles rather than apologizing for having them. Lots. of. Love.

20% cooler


Then I went to Hot Topic to buy some hair dye for a My Little Pony Party I’m going to this weekend. As Rainbow Dash– obviously.

You’ve got to remember to have fun while you’re in school. No matter how stressed and busy you get, you have to still have some fun. The good thing is, generally my fellow library students are as nerdy as I am.


It’s another homework night for me. I heard back from my metadata professor and so now I have slightly better idea what I’m doing. I seem to have picked a project that is going to mean doing everything the hard way– creating my own standards/modifying another schema, working out how to crosswalk things, coming up with all kinds of new vocabularies and whatnot– but then, that’s kind of how I roll. It wouldn’t be school if I didn’t have at least one project that was ridiculously over-involved/over-achieving. If anyone has anything to share about archiving a collection of tweets, for the love of Madeline L’Engel, please comment/email/twitter/whatever me and share, because I’m having a very hard time finding any similar project to model mine after.

Tomorrow will be my last day of DITL blogging. Topics to include: my School of Music Performance Recordings Database job, poster abstract, and whatever else I think of before then.


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