Queers and Teens and Music oh My!

Whew! Is everyone else as busy as I’ve been?

My “things to blog about” folder is teeming with ideas, but unfortunately my “things to do in order to graduate in…” *checks watch* …”36 days” folder is even bigger. So my thoughts on The Book of Mormon: A Musical, the discontinuation of Google Reader and this anti-gay book are going to have to wait.

I know, I’m such a tease.

But in the meantime, I wrote about pursuing music librarianship through your LIS program and you can go over to Hack Library School and read it here.

Oh! Also! News on the practicum front. As you may recall, last post I talked about working up the courage to come out to my practicum supervisor and ask if I could do a thing for Day of Silence and she said yes and there was much rejoicing. Well!! It turns out that the big display space in the community room for the month of April was available and so now I’ll be doing a book display in the front area by the checkout of LGBTQ YA books that people can check out with information and stuff, and ALSO a big informational display in the community room! I’m putting up information about the supreme court cases being decided and some of the advances the queer community has made over the last decade or so. It’s quite exciting!!

Also exciting is that I am starting to learn prezi and it is very fun. I used it for my most recent class presentation on teen services in the library. I love teenagers. Yes I know, most people find them obnoxious– but I love them. Even when they’re being obnoxious.

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