I’m a Bookslut Now!

So you may have noticed the widget that appeared over there —> a while ago where I happily identify myself as a contributor for  Insatiable Booksluts!!!  It’s true, I am now officially a Bookslut and you can find more of my thoughts, reviews and list making over on the site. There is also all kinds of other badassery so you should definitely start reading it… like… every day. Because reasons.

The site focuses on reviews and discussion of small press literary fiction. It’s fun because I spend my professional life in YA land (which is a super fun place to be, don’t get me wrong) and sometimes I enjoy more adult musings mixed in to my diet of all the angst of the seven kingdoms. It’s important to be well balanced in all things. Or something.

If you didn’t know, over at IB it is Sex Month, aka:

Sex Month literary friction

We are talking all about sex. Having sex. Not having sex. Reading about sex. Not reading about sex. It’s excellent. Check it out.

My contribution on the subject is Dykes Do It Better: 9 Lesbian Authors You Should Dive Into and OBVIOUSLY you should go read it. And comment. We love comments.

And read other things while you’re over there because my fellow contributors are rad as shit.


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