A New Journey Begins

I haven’t written much about my professional life since graduating Library School because it’s been pretty fucking depressing. It took me 6 months to find a  very part time job as a Library Associate– a position for which I was over qualified and underpaid. But I had to take something… anything so I accepted it and got a second job waiting tables to pay the bills… mostly. I am extraordinarily lucky that I have parents who financially supported me during the last year with no questions asked, no guilt trips given, only love and empathy. Not everyone is as lucky as I. I worked hard, I kept my eye on other positions. I kept applying.

And I am happy to announce (a little after the fact)


I’ve recently started my new position as a YOUmedia Teen Librarian with Chicago Public Library.

It’s basically the best thing ever.

We are focused on building skills in digital media and digital literacy with the teens. I have a boatload of kick ass technology (macbooks, vinyl cutter, PlayStation 4, video camera, music and photo and video editing software) and professional support from above.

And I’m living in the city I want to live in. And have friends. And health benefits.

I have an office, y’all.


So I’m kind of having a “is this real life?” moment here.

I started this blog with no clear goal in mind of what I wanted it to be. I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and see if anyone noticed or cared. But now that I have a much clearer picture of my future, I have a much clearer picture of what I want for this blog.

So I’ll be writing more about libraries, library issues and in particular teen librarianship. In particular being a teen librarian in an urban library. A big sprawling urban library. Because… well… that’s where I work now. I’ll be sharing some insight into what I do as a YOUmedia librarian and as a Teen Librarian which are the same but different in that all the YOUmedias are teen focused, but not all teen focused library activities are part of YOUmedia. (It’s a square/rectangle type thing). As well as continuing with the book reviews. I now have a long commute, so I have plenty of time to read.

I’ll also be writing occasionally about my journey learning how to adult. I don’t feel like I remotely have my shit together but I’m taking steps. I have a new shelf full of cookbooks and financial planning books. I bought a mattress topper and a nice set of sheets. I’m learning not to put cheese on everything I eat.

I’m also, as always, navigating a heterocentric world as a queer person, which presents its own challenges. Already I am facing dilemmas about how open about my personal life to be with my teens. I want them to know that I’m gay without having to make a big deal about it. It’s a delicate balance I think I will always be learning.

I’d also like to make this blog more interactive, so if you have questions or things you’d like me to write about please feel free to leave them in comments or contact me directly and I’ll do what I can!

Glad to be starting this new chapter of my life, and thanks to everyone who is coming along with me.

Today is a great day to be alive!


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