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I mean… it’s the midwest so it could be 90 fucking degrees tomorrow… but at this particular moment in time, it is fall.

Fall is happiness. It’s my favorite season. The only downside to fall is that it is followed by winter. But during fall not even that can bring me down because all I can see is the nice part of winter with Thanksgiving and cocoa and Christmas and playing with my nephews and niece. Fall is snuggle weather. Sweater weather. And I have a LOT of sweaters.

So I love Fall.

I love the crisp in the air that makes me want to wear a comfy sweatshirt but doesn’t yet bite my face off.

I love the ‘curl up with a mug of hot coffee and a blanket and a cat and journal about my FEELINGS’ feeling.

I love the way the world is suddenly the color of my hair.

And the smell of back to school supplies. Even though I no longer go back to school, I get to live vicariously through the teens in my library. New notebooks and sharp pencils and new pens and markers.

Fall makes me nostalgic. It makes me long for lazy, endless, college days smoking (don’t smoke kids!) out on Bill’s apartment balcony at night and dreaming about the future. It feels like football games (which I attended for the marching band and the beer letsberuhl) and stomping leaves. It feels like new beginnings and endless possibilities.

Fall feels like a new year. Way more than New Years ever did.

And I get to wear my sexy leather jacket that makes me feel like a total badass.

I look a lot like this. But with more red hair and without those weird goggle things.
I look a lot like this. But with more red hair and without those weird goggle things.


I’m a commuter now, I commute. To a Job. On a train. And thus I have been reading A LOT lately. And all this Back to School stuff has made me realize how remiss I’ve been in reviewing those books and they keep stacking up and stressing me out and like… why? I do what I want.

So I’mma review a whole bunch of them here in shorter form than usual but with equally as much wit and charm I assure you. I’ve also been reading a higher than average number of queer books. Because obviously. And these three just happen to all be queer books. Which is even better.

Stay tuned for another round up review coming soon.

Guardian Guardian by Alex London is the sequel to his book Proxy which was so bloody amazing I literally suggest it to everyone I meet. I’m like… hey, you like to read at all? *shoves book down throat.* But Proxy left us cliffhanging with the world basically imploding as all the data was erased and Syd was still alive. Guardian shows us the crazy shit that followed. I love books that show how revolution, history teaches us, is pretty much only guaranteed to breed more revolution, and that while drastic change is sometimes necessary, the clean up is pretty awful. Thousands of people are dying. The people in charge are arguably just as corrupt as the last batch. They are regularly annoyed by Syd’s teenageryness but he’s the reason they were able to erase the debt in the first place. We follow Syd as the Powers that Be want him to be a mascot but not actually have any opinions, catch up with Marie who learns that just maybe things aren’t as black and white as she thought, and meet Liam who is an all around badass with a big ol’ crush on Syd. So I’m a fan. And have I mentioned that Syd is gay and black? 4.5 Stars on this one. Read it. Now.

everything leads to you Everything Leads to You by Nina Lacour is the most ADORABLE lesbian love story. Emi is a film buff and working part time in sets on films. She stumbles on this letter that leads her to Ava who is the granddaughter of a John Wayne esque fictional film star recently deceased because PLOT. Ava comes from a messy past and Emi is trying to get over GIRL and of course they end up IN LOVE because book. It’s your favorite romantic comedy in novel form. In LA. With lesbians and movies and coming of age angst. I love the sweetness of the story. Coming out stories are important, but equally important are love stories that reflect the lives of us ladies who love ladies. Yes there is a certain amount of suspending of disblief, but LaCour caught that essence of what it is to be just graduated and trying to find your way in life. When you still believe in true love and the world holds all the possibilities. Emi’s BFF is equally awesome and the surrounding cast enjoyable. Did you like Stephanie Perkins “Anna and the French Kiss” books? This is just as lovely. But gay. (In the best of all possible meanings of the word.)  4 Stars.

far from youFar From You by Tess Sharpe was like a kick in the stomach … in a good way. Sophie is just getting back from rehab because her parents think she had a drug relapse, but she didn’t. She was set up by the murderer of her BFFE Mina. So Sophie tries to uncover the mystery. Who killed Mina and why. But the REAL story is Sophie and Mina. BFFs +. Plus FEELINGS that is. We slowly learn that Sophie and Mina were completely in love. But homophobia. That’s the real story. And it’s beautiful and amazing and she described everything I felt for the girl I loved growing up, except that Mina loved Sophie back. This book made me cry my freaking face off (though, admittedly that’s not the rarest thing in the world) in the best of ways. It’s one of those books where you look up from the last page and everyone around you is just carrying on and you’re like DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT SOPHIE LOVED MINA AND NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME? Add to this awesomeness that Sophie is legit bisexual which is sadly lacking in literature, and also disabled which again is super hard to find. So like, yay for diverse representation!!!! ALSO it’s a really good window into drug addiction as well as everything else going on, and Sophie has a great aunt that I wish would have hung around longer. 4.5 stars. Put it at the top of your to read list. For Realz.

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