Things about me:

  • I like lists. I find it concentrates the mind.
  • I’m a Young Adult Librarian at a branch location of a large urban library. Sometimes I call myself a Teen Librarian, but this often results in people thinking I’m a teen who helps at the library which is hilarious and also very false.
  • I’m pretty gay. In case you didn’t notice.
  • And a Feminist with a capital F.
  • I enjoy cute dresses, high heels and red lipstick
  • Also combat boots, jeans and neckties.
  • I’ve recently discovered after a lifetime of being 4’10” tall that I am in fact now 4’11” tall and it’s pretty much sent me into an existential crisis.
  • I was always that tiny kid with her nose in the giant book who tried to read while walking home from the bus stop with varying degrees of success. This, as we know, is a sign of huge popularity and well developed social skills.
  • I’m never sarcastic. ever.
  • I’m a Ravenclaw, a Browncoat and a Nerdfighter. Among other things.
  • I read.  A lot.
  • I’m a super giant nerd. sorry, not sorry.

Things about this blog:

  • I review books. Previously I’ve reviewed a variety of things, but from now on I’ll only be reviewing LGBTQ or Feminist books unless its really mindblowingly amazing.
  • I talk about libraries, being a librarian, working with teens, digital media and social justice issues.
  • I advocate for the importance of libraries and treating teens as equal humans.
  • I talk about my experiences as a queer woman in a misogynist, heterocentric world.
  • Also how I’m figuring out how to adult.

*Header image by Kate Pauley.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. okay this is totally random but I’m not going to lie I kinda stumbled onto your website (blog, not sure what you call it lol). I was actually looking up a picture of Samantha Carter and saw that you think she is awesome to which I totally agree! On a more serious side note you have some great thoughts on this blog. So from a fellow lover of books keep the thoughts coming.

  2. Found your blog via your Hack Lib School article — love the domain name, by the way!

    …Maybe not the best sign for my own librarian future, but I’m having a heck of a time finding a means to follow you through wordpress.

    Good luck with the job search!

    1. Thanks!
      Hmm, I’m not sure why it won’t let you follow the blog. I will look into it! I may have some setting wrong or something.

  3. Words can’t express the awesomeness to the degree I wish it would. I look forward to reading much more of what you write. And a giant thank you for links that lead to long lists of LGBTQ-related books that I plan to read. Part way done with some books already.

  4. Question: Have you ever served on the Stonewall Book Award Committee? I just finished a year of service there, and I was one of only TWO queer people on the committee. If you haven’t done so before, maybe consider serving if you have time? They need people who like to read LGBT+ YA lit. 🙂

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