Basic, Bitches

BASIC adjective ba·sic \ˈbā-sik also -zik\:  Forming or relating to the most important part of something So, can we eliminate the term “basic bitch” as an insult? Please. First of all, lets look at the definition of the word. “Forming or relating to the most important part of something.” So that’s, like, a good thing. It’s the most … More Basic, Bitches

Ring Out Wild Bells

That’s right, it’s time for a nostalgic end-of-the-year post. You know you love it. Looking Back 2014 – It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I’ve never actually read A Tale of Two Cities. Mostly because I find Dickens boring as fuck and I never had it assigned to me in … More Ring Out Wild Bells

18 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Server Seriously Contemplate Spitting in your Food

As someone who up until very recently worked as a restaurant server to supplement my PT library job, I can honestly say that I’ve seen pretty much the worst humanity has to offer. So if you want to be the world’s biggest D-bag, here are some handy tips. Demand that your party of 11 people … More 18 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Server Seriously Contemplate Spitting in your Food

Books and Movies: Different not ‘Better’

So I’m going to see Catching Fire tonight and I’m totally pumped about it, but I feel like I’ve spent all week explaining to people that I can like books and movies differently but equally. This apparently confuses people. Because I’m a librarian. And Librarians are supposed to like books. And I DO LIKE BOOKS … More Books and Movies: Different not ‘Better’

Hometown Glory?

My relationship status with my hometown reads: It’s complicated I spent my entire childhood dreaming of the day I would leave my hometown behind forever. The day I would advance to the next level of life. I was convinced that out there whatever that was, was more. It was better. I was going to get … More Hometown Glory?