In the Library…

  • “I think, like, coffee is, like, my Adderall pill. Like, omigod, I totally can’t get through midterms without it.”

In class…

  • “University policy says that I have to leave the room while you do this, so that my sheer power of awesomeness doesn’t influence your ability to say whatever you want to about me.” ~Professor~
  •  While talking about ethics… “Q. Should we have Playboy Magazine in libraries? A. Well, for the articles…”
  • “I like the term ‘information agent.’ It sounds kind of 007”
  • “What kinds of disturbances in the force are you getting right now”
  • “Kristin Chenoweth is like Midget Barbie.”
  • “Foucault is the anti- Margaret Mann”
  • “There’s no Crying in Cataloging!”
  • “We shall only plunge into a quagmire of indescribables.”
  • “As a shorthand, I remind myself that the word “document” is both noun and verb; the act of cataloging is what distinguishes a Document from a mere artifact. A copy of Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” sitting on a library shelf is a document; a few dozen copies in a dumpster are artifacts.”
  • “We need to talk about Diversity, so you need to leave.”
  • “I’m a document. BITCH!”

One thought on “(Over)heard

  1. That first one is my favorite. Ah, college memories 🙂 Heh heh, I remember trying to at least try to be objective when rating a prof I had a bit of a crush on…

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