Height of Nerd-dom

The final assignment for my Computing Foundations class is up. Now you can go to Ollivander’s Wand Shop, and then get sorted into a Hogwarts House (which is going to get a remodel here pretty soon), then go off with The Doctor on all kinds of adventures. And you can read about me. And marvel … More Height of Nerd-dom

Mad Java Skills

I stayed up way too late working on my website for Computing Foundations, but I am very pleased with the result! I completely redid the homepage, and added a Bio page and the Javascript assignment for this week. Because I’m an enormous geek, I opted to just Javascript to write a Hogwarts Sorting Hat Quiz. … More Mad Java Skills

First Web Project

For my Computing Foundations class in Library School, we are working on building our own website in HTML from scratch and uploading it on the school server. Now, I fancy myself a relatively experienced blogger, but I’d never done anything like this before. I’m (perhaps overly) proud of my site, even though it is simple, it is mine all mine!! So please check out “Alex’s Homepage” on the Links to the right and marvel at my mad HTML skills. The site will change as I learn new tricks, so keep checking … More First Web Project