Yes, Virginia, there are stupid questions: “You’re a Librarian…?”

….so do you have the Dewey Decimal System memorized? Yes. I did nothing else in library school except memorize categories of books that aren’t used in half the libraries on earth. It wasn’t at all a total and complete waste of my time especially when I could be having discussions about how social oppression is … More Yes, Virginia, there are stupid questions: “You’re a Librarian…?”

Online Identity Crisis

So, I don’t know about anybody else, but I am beginning to get very stressed out every time I hear/read about the need to “Effectively and Consistently Market Myself Online.” I hear about it a lot in Library School, and I appreciate the sentiment. Obviously it’s time to take down the 20 million pictures I … More Online Identity Crisis

Height of Nerd-dom

The final assignment for my Computing Foundations class is up. Now you can go to Ollivander’s Wand Shop, and then get sorted into a Hogwarts House (which is going to get a remodel here pretty soon), then go off with The Doctor on all kinds of adventures. And you can read about me. And marvel … More Height of Nerd-dom

Banned Books Week!

For those of you in the world who don’t live in a library (well I don’t technically live there, I go home every night to read more and then sleep) you may not be aware that it is Banned Book Week!! Yay! The week we celebrate how totally bogus Censorship is! The thing is, censorship … More Banned Books Week!

Mad Java Skills

I stayed up way too late working on my website for Computing Foundations, but I am very pleased with the result! I completely redid the homepage, and added a Bio page and the Javascript assignment for this week. Because I’m an enormous geek, I opted to just Javascript to write a Hogwarts Sorting Hat Quiz. … More Mad Java Skills